Murphy Creek Metropolitan District 3

Welcome to the temporary Murphy Creek Metropolitan District 3 website!

While our permanent site is under construction, we hope this page will provide enough information to bridge the gap until the new site is complete.

If you need information that is not provided here, please contact the board with your request.

We will make an announcement when the new site is available. Thank you for your patience!


The community pool is now open and following current governmental and health organization rules.  Please note that changes to the rules may be made throughout the summer.

Please download the Pool Registration Packet here.

Check back periodically for updates.


District 3 board meetings are following the restrictions dictated by governmental and health organizations.  Currently, in-person meetings can have a maximum of 10 people in attendance, and the attendees must wear masks and adhere to social distancing requirements.  Therefore, meetings are currently being held virtually.

Check back periodically for updates.


A District election was not necessary, as the number of open positions equaled the number of people wanting to run.  As a result, Justin Bregenzer will serve another term, and Jeremy Smallwood will take the seat vacated by Chuck Marlow.

A huge "Thank You" to Justin and Chuck for their completed terms of service, and "Congratulations" to Justin and Jeremy for their upcoming terms!


The District Operations and Maintenance fee will remain at $60.00 per month in 2020. A new bank has been selected to receive the payments, so please be sure to update your payment method.

In early December, you should have received a new coupon book in the mail, along with instructions for all the payment options available to you. Effective in September, the bank has changed the website address for making payments.
Link to Payment Options
The Management ID is still: 2335
The Association ID is still: MCM

If you need more information or help, please contact Cherry Creek Management Professionals at 303-693-2118.
District Information

Board Members

Doug Schriner - President
Maggie Rash - Vice President
Dan Adema - Secretary
Justin Bregenzer - Treasurer
Jeremey Smallwood - Sergeant at Arms
Board Meetings

3rd Wednesday of each month
  - January 15, 2020
  - February 19, 2020
  - March 18, 2020 - Cancelled
  - April 15, 2020 - Virtual
  - May 20, 2020 - Virtual
  - June 17, 2020 - Virtual
  - July 15, 2020 - Virtual
  - August 19, 2020 - Virtual
  - September 16, 2020 -Virtual
  - October 21, 2020
  - November 18, 2020

District Responsibilities

Maintenance of Community Assets
  - Community Center
  - Tennis Courts
  - Monuments
  - Tot Lots
Maintenance of Common Areas
Community Center Reservations
Access to Community Assets
Community Security

District Consultants

Property Management

14901 East Hampden Avenue, #320
Aurora, CO 80014
303-693-2118 - Office
303-693-8803 - Fax

Shannon Torgerson - District Manager
Angela Meyers - Assistant Manager

40 Inverness Drive East
Englewood, CO  80112
303-792-5595 - Office
303-708-0527 - Fax

Brian Matise - District Counsel

5728 South Gallup Street
Littleton, CO  80120
303-347-9402 - Office
303-347-9403 - Fax

Bob Colwell - District CPA
4800 South Elati Street
Englewood, CO  80110
720-244-7834 - Office

Jake Willett - Landscape Consultant

Metropolitan District Public Safety
1250 South Buckley Road, I-188
Aurora, CO  80017
303-263-8413 - Office

Andy Carroll - Security Consultant

District Documents