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Bond Refinance Survey
The Murphy Creek Metro District 3 Board is contemplating an amendment to the Service Plan that would allow for the removal of the protection of the mill levy cap.
If property values go down, our property taxes could go up by  an unlimited amount in order to meet our debt service.  Currently, the mill levy cap protects against this.  The removal of the cap means the removal of the protection. 
Even though the board has instructed the underwriters to come back with more options and scenarios, the amendment is still in process and will be heard by City Council on October 30, 2017, at 7:30PM, at the Aurora Municipal Center, 15151 East Alameda Parkway, in Council Chambers.
Notice of this public hearing has been mailed to Murphy Creek residents, along with the rules for submitting protests and objections.
We have submitted to the Metro District 3 board requests to postpone the hearing until another community meeting can be held to provide more information and clarification. 
We would like to know your thoughts about the refinancing, the service plan amendment, and the possible postponement of the hearing, so we ask you to complete the survey below.
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Please select all that express your opinions about refinancing and removing the mill levy cap
 I am FOR refinancing AND removing the cap
 I am FOR refinancing but NOT removing the cap
 I am AGAINST refinancing at this time
 I would like more information before deciding

Please select the choice that expresses your opinion about postponing the Public Hearing
 I am FOR postponing until we get more information
 I am AGAINST postponing

Please select all that apply for the Public Hearing to refinance and remove the mill levy cap
 I will attend and object via testimony
 I will attend and NOT object via testimony
 I will NOT attend and object via comments
 I will NOT attend and NOT object via comments

Any comments?