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Two Conditions & a Waiver
Now They Want More -
Including an amendment to our GDP
(General Development Plan)
The RV/Boat storage facility, located at a prominent entrance to Murphy Creek, is only in this community because the zoning code was manipulated with two conditions and an egregious waiver.  The developer has now requested an expansion of more than double the number of RV and boat spaces (500).  This will require another condition and an amendment to our GDP, opening the door to more of the same type of light industrial development in a residential community.
RV storage in residential communities has been unheard of, so far, in Aurora, but we understand this developer also wants to put RV storage at Yale and Gun Club Road, which would book end Murphy Creek with RV storage.  What kinds of favorable commercial and retail businesses will want to be located next to 3 RV storage facilities:  2 in Murphy Creek and the current one on Jewell?

Murphy Creek is a beautiful community located on the eastern Plains of  Aurora.  It has a nationally acclaimed golf course, beautiful homes, and a hometown ambiance.  Please get involved NOW, or soon it may have RV/Boat storage as well - not a use that is compatible with this community, its golf course, its lovely homes, or its hometown ambiance.


When this facility was first approved in 2011, 83 community residents attended the City Council meeting in opposition to this project - not once, but twice.  Numerous people spoke and presented well researched and well reasoned objections to this project.  That didn't matter.  The vote was close: 5 for and 5 against.  Then the former mayor broke the tie by voting against the neighborhood and in favor of the manipulation of the zoning code to accommodate this project.
We firmly believed then, and we firmly believe now - that decision was unjust!  Currently, there are 5 different Council Members and a different mayor who will be deciding this issue, along with 3 of the 2011 Council Members who voted against our community and 2 of the 2011 Council Members who voted in favor of our community.  We are hopeful these 11 Council Members will make decisions based on the zoning code, instead of whatever was used by the elected officials to make the previous decision in 2011.   
Over 50 residents attended a neighborhood meeting with the developer's representative, city staff, and the community on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. 
Numerous concerns were raised by Murphy Creek residents, as well as residents from Adonea, Traditions, and Thunderbird Estates - all of whom are impacted by this project.
If you want to learn more about why we are opposed to this project, read our Special Edition News Blast from January 22, 2017.  You can also watch the City Council video from 2011 and fast forward to 01:11:20.  Don't take our word for it, watch the video and see for yourself
Please get involved so that Murphy Creek will continue to be known for its nationally acclaimed golf course, beautiful homes, and hometown ambiance, instead of as the RV Storage capital of Aurora!
If you want to get involved and help our communities oppose this project, please sign up here to volunteer!  This page also has links to more of our News Blasts with updates about the proposed RV/Boat storage facility.  Even if you don't want to volunteer, please read the News Blast updates to stay informed.
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