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ConocoPhillips Oil & Gas Development Near Murphy Creek
Map of Underground Well Lines
Wells Near Murphy Creek
According to the Shale Experts website, ConocoPhillips received permits for 3 wells near Murphy Creek on February 10, 2014. 
The Cottonwood Creek well, closest to our community, is east on Jewell, 2.9 miles from the front entrance to Murphy Creek.  It can be seen from within Murphy Creek at the intersection of Flat Rock Trail and Harvest Road.
Another well is currently under construction on Watkins Road, just south of where Jewell ends.
Below are a few pictures of the wells.
Cottonwood Creek well site
Cottonwood Creek well site
Cottonwood Creek well site - from Flat Rock and Harvest
Cottonwood Creek well - from Flat Rock and Harvest
Well site on Watkins Road south of Jewell
Well site on Watkins Road south of Jewell
ConocoPhillips is hosting an Open House at the Murphy Creek Tavern on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, from 5PM - 8PM.  They want to begin a dialogue with Murphy Creek residents to address our questions and concerns.
If you aren't sure what kinds of questions to ask, we've listed just a few potential questions below. 
We would be very interested in knowing what questions you asked and how ConocoPhillips answered.  Please feel free to email us, so that the entire community can be better informed. 
How many more well permits will you be applying for?
What locations will those well permits cover?

What is your time frame for applying for permits?

What is your time frame for construction of permitted wells?
When do you expect to finish construction on the wells near Murphy Creek?
When do you expect production to start on the wells near Murphy Creek?
What kinds of health and safety measures will ConocoPhillips be using in the operation of its wells? (i.e. open loop, closed loop, water quality, air quality, etc.)
Will ConocoPhillips be controlling the operation of the wells near Murphy Creek, or will it sub that out?
If ConocoPhillips subs out the operation of its wells to others, will ConocoPhillips hold the subs to its standards of health and safety?
Will ConocoPhillips oil and gas activities bring any jobs to the area?  If so, how many, and will they be hiring local people?
What hours will the wells operate?  During construction? During production?
What route will the trucks take to get to the well sites?
Is it true that surface owners will now receive 18 - 20% royalties from wells?

Have you forced any Colorado property owners into drilling plans?  (See Denver Post article)

more about Oil & Gas Development...
more about Oil & Gas Development...
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