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Sofia 6-24-2016 12:09 PM
We were recently approached by a person stating he worked for the Vivit home security company. We did not buy any products from this company as we already have an existing alarm system. It was just curious that he was asking too many questions and he stated he was working with other of my neighbors. His business seemed legitimate, however I have recently been hearing that there were some “security companies” that were a fraud. There was a group of men approaching families and they were just scanning the area. This has been happening in the Hampden /tower area. I contacted the company and they asked me for a batch Id for this person to see if this was legitimate sales representative of theirs. I did not have one. I just wanted to put this information out in case some got this person batch ID. Again this may be legitimate business but the kind of questions he was asking like:so who drives this car? Is that your car? So if I see that car outside your drive way I assume you are here?” He several times expressed the need to get in the home to conduct his business too. I may have seen rude, but I feel there is no need for someone to come into my house to offer me his business. Thank you, Sofie
Sofia 6-24-2016 12:12 PM
I forgot to add this is in the Duquesne Cir/ Mississippi area.
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