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Sofia 1-14-2016 4:12 PM
My brother's truck was broken into and some pocket change was stolen along with some keys and an Ipod. The incident happened between 10pm (1/12/16)and 7:30 am on 1/13/16 on the block of Duquesne Circle and Kansas Pl. I just wanted to share this information. If you saw anything suspicious please let me know so that we can provide the authorities with more information. This is the first time it happens to us. We believe this is a great neighborhood . It never hurts to be more vigilant. Thank you
MCGC Neighbors 1-15-2016 5:24 PM
We're sorry that happened. If we hear anything, we'll pass along the information.
sofia 1-20-2016 3:24 PM
thank you!
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