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View Categories > Development Applications > 892150 Cherry Creek Vista Oil and Gas Well Permit
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MCGC Neighbors       7-13-2014 5:31 PM
This development application requests 4 variances from City zoning codes, and is scheduled to be processed administratively by the Planning Director, without being reviewed by the Planning Commission and a public hearing.
Phil 7-13-2014 10:01 PM
Oil is a good thing and will help our community grow. Fracing is not a bad thing it helps to make us less dependent on foreign oil. The drilling rigs will be there for a short time than leave than the view will be restored.
Brad 7-14-2014 5:35 PM
I would much rather have us attract more businesses to the area than have oil and gas wells. We already have to contend with living near the dump. The gas station was a nice addition, and I would welcome more shops and services to increase the total value of the Murphy Creek community.
Marilyn Quini 7-15-2014 10:18 AM
I have conducted and educated myself on this topic and have no problem with these wells near the area. They pose no danger and we even benefit by additional tax dollars from the oil companies for our community.
J.F. Dougherty, P.E. 8-26-2014 3:47 PM
As currently planned, these wells violate Aurora law, and will be a scar on the Plains for 20 years, and will effectively block more desirable development. The Operator is including ZERO Visual Mitigation into his plans.

As currently planned, these wells will be a 20-year Beacon attesting to the City's indifference to its citizenry, and even its elected Council.
Susie 10-27-2015 10:07 AM
anyone who has done diligent research on both sides of the oil development topic would not be able to state that these wells are safe, there is significant mounting evidence that they are clearly dangerous to health. How many people died and suffered while in denial about cigarette dangers, due to big money marketing? There is no need for wells to be close to neighborhoods.
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