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Advertising Opportunities
MCGC Neighbors currently offers 2 opportunities for advertising:
  • Weekly MCGC News Blast
  • MCGC Website
We have been emailing our MCGC News Blast since February,2012, and it has met with great success!! We also implemented a Membership Partner program in July, 2012, which offers our website as a second source of advertising for our Partners.
Current Pricing
If you sign up and pay in advance, you can advertise in the weekly MCGC News Blast for $25/month or $20/month if you sign up for 2 or more months.
If you become a Membership Partner, you can advertise in the weekly MCGC News Blast and on the membership page of our website for $15/month or $45/4 months ($15 savings - 1 month free); $90/8 months ($30 savings - 2 months free); $135/12 months ($45 savings - 3 months free).  With the savings, this actually works out to $11.25 per month.  Membership Partners agree to offer discounts to MCGC Neighbors' members in return for discounted advertising.
For these special prices, we will publish your logo, link to your website, and permit a small amount of text. You may submit a graphic, or a graphic and text, just as long as it doesn’t extend beyond the maximum size of 160 pixels wide by 160 pixels high. You may send us a .png, .jpg, gif, .eps, .ai, .pdf, etc.
Please optimize your graphic to match the size stated above. If you need us to help you resize your graphic, please have the graphic source file available (i.e. .png, .ai, .eps, etc.) and please allow 3 - 5 days for us to work with it. We will charge $10 for minimal resizing. If the image has to be redesigned, due to distortion or image quality (bluriness), pricing will vary based on complexity and time required. Starting price for redesign is $60. Graphics can be challenging, so please help by ensuring that: you are not trying to fit too much information in too small a space; your graphic is a good resolution; your graphic has not been over-optimized, your graphic was created for the web, etc.
Your optimized graphic and any desired text must be submitted to us by 6:00 p.m. Friday evening in order to appear in the Wednesday News Blast. If we don't have to resize or redesign your ad, you will receive a sample of how your ad will look in the News Blast by Monday at 10:00 a.m. Please proof your ad and send us your authorization to publish it by Monday at 7:00 p.m. If we don't receive your authorization and payment by the deadline, your ad will not run in the Wednesday News Blast. After you have approved your ad, please note that any changes you may desire will be charged a redesign fee. This includes any corrections to the ad, so please proof carefully!
Advertising Request
To advertise with us, please complete the form below, attach your logo, and click Submit. Send checks to:
MCGC Neighbors
P.O. Box 441002
Aurora, CO 80044-1002
Please do NOT mail cash.
If you sign up and pay for 12 months in advance, either as an advertiser or Membership Partner, you will receive a free 12-month membership in MCGC Neighbors. You just need to complete the Membership Application, and we will send your membership cards after we receive your 12-month advertising or Partnership payment.
This offer has no cash value and may not be transferred. You do not have to reside in Murphy Creek to take advantage of this offer. If you want to accept this offer, you must complete and submit the Membership Application within 90 days of your 12-month advertising or Partnership payment.
Email Blast Advertising Specifications
Advertisers - News Blast only
$25/single month
$20/month for multiple months
Membership Partners - News Blast and website
4 months - $ 45
8 months - $ 90
12 months - $135
Maximum Size:
160 pixels wide by 160 pixels high
Graphic only or Graphic and Text
Deadline for Submission:
Friday, 6:00 p.m.
Provide Proof
for Review:
Monday, 10:00 a.m.
Deadline for
Sign-Off and
Monday, 7:00 p.m.
Filter Type:
Number of Months:
Website Link:
Special Instructions:
 Need Help with Graphic
Click to pay with a credit card

The box below represents the maximum size for your ad: 160 pixels wide by 160 pixels high.
Ad Size
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