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Who We Are


Murphy Creek Gun Club Neighbors (MCGC Neighbors) is registered with the City of Aurora as a Neighborhood Association in Murphy Creek and other communities along Gun Club Road. As a registered Neighborhood Association, we receive notification of proposed future development projects in eastern Aurora, primarily along Gun Club Road, and we keep the Community informed via email and this website.


Our group organized in the summer of 2011, in response to the Murphy Creek HOA's disregard of community opinion regarding the RV/Boat Storage project. Even though we were unsuccessful in stopping that project, we saw an ongoing need for this organization, so we developed a more formalized structure and formed a nonprofit corporation. Although Murphy Creek is our foundation neighborhood, over the years we have responded to the concerns of other neighborhoods, primarily along Gun Club Road.  We hold monthly breakfast Board meetings, typically on the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Murphy Creek Tavern, but this can change, so please check the calendar on our website for our meeting dates.  We invite you to attend, and we welcome your input and participation!


Our Mission Statement


"To receive and disseminate information about our community that may impact our way of life. We strive to foster a strong sense of community, improve neighborhood relations, and be an additional advocate for the residents of Murphy Creek to our HOA, our Metro District, and the City of Aurora."

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