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Recycling Quiz
This quiz is closed.  Cindy Hughes was the winner!
Thank you for reading our recycling articles!  We hope you got some good information from them, and we have devised a quiz to help assess your newly found knowledge.  And - this comes with a prize!
Here are all the recycle articles for your reference.
Please click to select all answers under each question that you feel are correct.  The deadline for responses is this Saturday, July 16.  Good Luck!!
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Is it OK to recycle empty soda cans and water bottles by collecting them in plastic grocery bags and then putting the bags in the recycle bin?
 Is this a trick question?
Which items should be placed in your Recycle Bin?
 Paperboard boxes (cereal boxes, soda cartons, etc.
 Aluminum foil that covered a hot, bubbly casserole
 Paper towels used to wipe spilled spaghetti sauce
 Empty plastic water bottles
 An old worn-out pair of shoes
 Empty soda cans
 Magazines with pages that appear to be glossy
What should you do with all that junk mail?
 Throw it into the trash
 Put it into your neighbor's mail box
 Toss it into the recycle bin
Which items should be put into your Trash Bin?
 Mayonnaise jars after using all you can
 Plastic milk jugs after rinsing
 Broken ceramic coffee cups and plates
 Styrofoam coffee cups and plates
 Non-plastic milk and juice cartons after rinsing
 Half used hair spray cans
 Used kitty litter
 Burned out Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)
Which items should NOT be recycled via your Recycle Bin?
 Shredded paper
 Plastic grocery bags
 Old printers or fax machines
 Styrofoam products
 Pizza boxes with sauce and some pepperoni remnants
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