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Murphy Creek RV/Boat Storage
General Development Plan (GDP)
Developer-Proposed MAJOR Amendment
Examples of Suggested Comments Below
The Developer's proposed MAJOR amendment to the Murphy Creek GDP is NOT a done deal, even though the developer's third submission makes it sound as though it is!! 
The Developer not only wants to allow 500+ RVs to be parked in our neighborhood, he also wants to make RV Storage a Primary use in this area, thereby removing the need to amend the GDP.  This would open the door to more future RV Storage and other similar uses.
If you want to help defend our GDP against this MAJOR amendment, please submit your comments to the City's Development Application Review website for this project.  You can view all the development files here, and you can submit your comments here.
If you want to comment, but you aren't sure what to say, below are 7 examples of comments.  Please take from them as you see fit and submit your comments to the City.  All comments will be collected and become a part of the public record for this project.
Public comments will be accepted by the City through October 17, and the Planning Commission hearing is currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 25.
Thank you!!
7 Examples of Suggested RV Storage Comments Below
1.      Outdoor - RV/Boat storage was not what we expected, wanted or were promised by the Murphy Creek General Development Plan (GDP) when we bought property here. Please do not allow land owners or developers to extend the already inappropriate RV/Boat storage facility off Gun Club Road across from Murphy Creek.  Do not approve the amendment request!
2.      I am against the expansion of the RV/Boat storage facility on Gun Club Road near Louisiana – across from Murphy Creek - by allowing an amendment to our GDP which prohibits this type of commercial development in the first place. This will have a negative effect on our home values and make Murphy Creek less attractive to potential home buyers. I oppose this and ask you to deny the request!
3.      I oppose the amendment request submitted by the RV Storage developer to change the GDP and allow the storage area to become and even larger RV/Boat storage facility. This violates the spirit and intent of our GDP and zoning regulations which we residents of Murphy Creek expected to be enforced as our community grew.
4.      The General Development Plan for Murphy Creek has set limits and standards that all members of this community must abide by. The developer of RV/Boat storage should be required to abide by these same standards and not receive waivers or be granted amendments to the GDP for the use of this site. Deny the request!
5.      I am surprised and disappointed that in 2011, the city granted a waiver to the developers of the RV/Boat storage acreage across from Murphy Creek.  The city gains little or no tax revenue from this use of the property. Where is the best interest of the citizen in all this? Deny the request for the amendment to further expand the site to allow for more outdoor storage. This is not in keeping with a Golf Course Community and will have a negative impact on our future home values. Deny the request!
6.      Granting the amendment to the developers of the RV/Boat storage site at Gun Club Road across from Murphy Creek will likely prevent any serious consideration by more welcome commercial development nearby. We bought here with the understanding that the GDP would be the blueprint for the future of our community. Deny the request!

7.      The RV/Boat storage use was granted by waiver in 2011, despite the firm protest from many residents of Murphy Creek and affected communities. Exceptions were made by Council to allow the developers to build what they wanted. When do our “representatives” stop catering to developers? The fact that the waivers were granted and the storage is there already is bad enough. Do not allow them to expand and change the character of our community even more. My home is my biggest investment. Murphy Creek residents deserve to be treated the same as other communities in East and South Aurora which have no such unsightly use of property near them.  Deny the amendment request!