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MCGC Neighbors Community Picnic
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MCGC Neighbors is hosting a Community Picnic from 4-6PM on Sunday, July 30, 2017, at Homestead Park and is providing the hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and drinks.  We are partnering with City Council candidates, Nicole Johnston (Ward II) and Allison Hiltz (At-Large), who will host an Ice Cream Social to provide dessert.  We need volunteers, so please help us!
Below are some tasks that need to be performed.  Please sign up for whatever task(s) you can help with.  If you think of some we forgot, please include them under OTHER. 
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SET UP - Please check all you can help with.
 Help us organize
 Ask a business to donate a door prize
 Find a magician under $200 for two 15 minute shows
 Folding table(s) for printed information
 Weights to hold printed information in place
 Pop up canopy
 Large umbrella
 Folding chairs or lawn chairs
 Ice chest(s)
EVENT TASKS - Please check all you can help with.
 Work the sign up table
 Help with grilling
 Process new MCGC Neighbors memberships
DONATIONS - Please check all you can help with.
 Side dish
 Bag(s) of ice
 Case(s) of water
 Paper cups
 Paper plates
 Paper napkins
 Plasticware - knives, forks, spoons
 Plasticware - serving utensils
 Money for picnic expenses
PREPARE INFORMATION - Please check all you can help with.
 Bullet points for RV Storage project
 Bullet points for Murphy Creek East
 Bullet points for Superfund Site and CAG
 Bullet points for Charter Amendment language
 Bullet points for MCGC Neighbors
COMMUNICATION - Please check all you can help with.
 Discuss RV Storage project
 Discuss Murphy Creek East
 Discuss Superfund Site and CAG
 Discuss Charter Amendment language
 Discuss MCGC Neighbors
PUBLICITY - Please check all you can help with.
 Print 75 -100 picnic flyers
 Distribute picnic flyers in your neighborhood
 Invite your neighbors to attend and ask questions
CLEAN UP - Please check all you can help with.
 Collect the left over printed information
 Turn in the sign in sheets
 Turn in the new membership information
 Take care of the grills
 Take down folding table(s)
 Take down umbrellas
 Take down chairs
 Empty ice chests
 Pick up trash
 Collect/distribute leftover paper products
 Collect/distribute leftover plasticware
 Collect/distribute leftover food
OTHER - Please include tasks we may have missed.
Any comments?