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MCGC Neighbors - Special Meeting Public Hearing for Exclusion of Property from the Districts
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Please let us know your opinion regarding the exclusion of property from District 3.

"Yes" means you are in favor of the exclusion.
"No" means you are not in favor of the exclusion.

We would like to hear from you.
 Yes  No  Undecided
Below are 2 PDFs that will help you understand more about the proposed exclusion of property from 2 Districts.  The first PDF contains some very good questions and answers, and a map of the area in question.
The second PDF contains the wording of the proposed Terms and Conditions, the proposed Resolutions and Orders, the timing of a City Council meeting, and money matters.
This is happening very quickly, but we are fortunate to have some information, so please review it and come to the meeting with any questions you may have.