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House Bill 13-1275: Collection of Health Data Regarding Oil and Gas Operations

HB 13-1275: "Concerning the Collection of Human Health Data Regarding Oil and Gas Operations In Counties Near the Front Range"

Introduced In House 3/21/13 and assigned to Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee

House Sponsorship: Ginal, Fischer, Foote, Hullinghorst, Schafer, Singer

Senate Sponsorship: Aguilar


T   The bill would set up studies of oil and gas operations, air and water emissions and their impacts on human health for specified counties along the Front Range.


T   The bill specifies the formation of a committee composed of legislators and health and bio-science experts who would oversee:

Assignment of health studies to a scientific group with priority given to experience with oil and gas impacts on health and association with a university (seems to best describe the Colorado School of Public Health)

Studies to include data collection for Larimer, Weld, Boulder and Arapahoe Counties, with health surveys that would assess health impacts.

If health impacts are found which are disruptive to normal home and business activities and or cause extreme discomfort or health problems, the oversight committee would be able to immediately call for cease and desist of such emissions at well sites where so documented.

Collected data from all studies would be made public, including online.

Anticipated report of results date is March 2014.

T   This bill is important for 3 reasons:

  1. It sets up a transparent public process to scientifically assess health impacts of oil and gas operations in some areas of Colorado, with publicly posted results.
  2. It sets up an oversight committee, with some legislators and a majority membership of health science experts, to oversee the study and ensure it remains free of bias and undue industry influence.
  3. It gives the oversight committee the power to order cease and desist of emissions (at studied well areas) that pose extreme discomfort, unhealthy conditions, or health problems.


You may click here to see the full text of HB 13-1275.

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After you have read the full text of House Bill 13-1275, please contact the representatives below with your opinions.
Beth McCann (Chair) 303-866-2959
Sue Schafer (Vice Chair) 303-866-5522
Kathleen Conti 303-866-2953
Rhonda Fields 303-866-3911
Joann Ginal (Sponsor) 303-866-4569
Stephen Humphrey 303-866-2943
Janak Joshi 303-866-2937
Dianne Primavera 303-866-4667
Amy Stephens 303-866-2924
Spencer Swalm 303-866-5510
Dave Young 303-866-2929
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