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Unexpended Campaign Contributions Proposed Ordinance
Opinion Poll
If this Ordinance moves forward, MCGC Neighbors would like to know your thoughts.
This Unexpended Campaign Contributions Ordinance proposes to amend Subsection 54-102(A) of the City Code to include Sec. 54-102.(a)(5) "CONTRIBUTED TO AN ISSUE COMMITTEE FORMED FOR THE PURPOSE OF SUPPORTING OR OPPOSING ANY BALLOT ISSUE OR BALLOT QUESTION OF THE CITY."
You can read the complete Ordinance proposal, along with Study Session Commentary, here.  Scroll down about 3 pages (Page 188 of complete packet).   
Please fill out the opinion poll below and let us know your thoughts. We are asking 1 question and providing a comments section.
Thank you for expressing your opinions about this proposed Ordinance that could impact our neighborhoods!
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Are you in favor of allowing unexpended campaign contributions to be contributed to an issue committee formed for the purpose of supporting or opposing any ballot issue or ballot question of the City? 
YES means you would support this specific amendment to Subsection 54-102(A) of the City Code. 
NO means you would not support this specific amendment to Subsection 54-102(A) of the City Code.
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